February 8 - 15, 2007  

Various Pictures from Vietnam.

Vietnam, having been closed up for almost 30 years since the American war, is now a valiant country, able to forget about the ugly part of the history, and move on to become one of the fastest-growing country in Asia.

My impression of visiting Vietnam was always like visiting 1980s' China. This trip not only completely erased that impression, but also I saw something that will bring Vietnam ahead of China.

Food in Vietnam is another high point of this trip. Generally, Vietnamese meals are small, and they eat many meals in a day. Coffee is strong but cafe is always full of people.

Map of Vietnam
Map of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)
Map of Hanoi

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) 
8 - 11 Feb, 2007
Click to view Saigon, a city full of energy, still maintains a feel of French colonial architecture while new generation loves their high-tech motorcycles and cell phones.

11 & 14 - 15 Feb, 2007
Click to view Captial city of Vietnam is undoubtedly surrounded by lots of Communist symbols. Red Hammer & sickle flags are raised everywhere.

Halong Bay 
12 - 14 Feb, 2007
The beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site lies inside a maze of unexplainable natural architectures. Fast growing tourism here brings fortunes to the local people, at the same time it starts ruining the natual wonder because of lack of standards and monitoring. Click to view

Motorcycles in Vietnam
Click to view No one can survive without riding a motorcycle in Vietnam. Motorcycles become the ultimate workhorses of the economy. You will be amazed of what you are going to see here.

The People in Vietnam
My attempt to capture local people faces are shown here. Enjoy! Click to view

Food in Vietnam
A lot of people confuse Vietnamese food with Chinese food. Please don't, because Vietnamese are very proud of their own cuisine. They always say, "Chinese food is too oily, Vietnamese is much healthier". I personally find this quite true. Click to view

Slide Show - Saigon
Slide Show - Hanoi
Slide Show - Halong Bay
Slide Show - Motorcycles in Vietnam
Slide Show - The People
Slide Show - Food in Vietnam
Slide Show - Entire Trip to Vietnam

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