Hong Kong & Macau
February 16 - 25, 2007  

City Night view from Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

It was Chinese New Year time. I have not been in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year for 15 years. I was very excited that I can enjoy once again the food, the celebration, the night market and the lion dances.

I also visited Macau for a day trip. It had changed a lot since I was there 16 years ago. More casinos, more restaurants and more tourists.

Hong Kong 
15 - 25 Feb, 2007
Click to view Hong Kong, to a lot of people it is a shopping paradise. To me, it is where I can enjoy my childhood's memory.

21 Feb, 2007
Click to view It has been over 16 years since I last visited Macau. It has grown to a metropolitan city, where there are as many casinos as in Las Vegas, where there are higher volume of bets than Vegas's.

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Slide Show - Macau
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