Cypress Prov. Park, BC
December 22, 2007  

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The hitchhike ride up Cypress (the back of the pickup truck)
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This was the trip back to Vancouver for Christmas . I took the time to go snowshoeing with Brian and Gan up at Cypress. It was a Saturday, and it was snowing overnight. Wow !! When we tried to drive up the mountain, they closed up the road saying that road was not cleared of snow.

Didn't want to turn back, we instead drove up to the highest point of the British Properties, and hiked up to the lookout. At the time, we saw cars coming up the road, and we immediately tried to hitchhike. A Subaru picked me and Gan up, and another pickup truck got Brian up.

At the end, we all hopped on the pickup truck to get to the ski hill. It was purely new snow, and was still snowing. It is almost total white out condition. We hiked up the new ski run called "Benny", at the time we got to the top, they were just clearing the snow.

On the way down the peak, we snowshoed through a bunch of trees on the east slope. We saw some avalanche terrain, and decided to play with it. And we got a video of me being caught in an avalanche (a small one).
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It was still snowing
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Look at Gan's eyebrows!

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The big cat was plowing fast ...

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Brian and I at the top of the Eagle Chair Lift

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Since we were here anyways, ...may as well go up for a look !
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The new snow was too soft ... wouldn't pack on the trees.

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Even with snowshoes, ...we were sinking into the soft snow knee deep.

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Brian was ready to go up there ....

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He made it ...

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We told Brian to trigger an avalanche ..

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Watch this video clip. We triggered an small avalanche. (6.1 MB file).

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It was not fun to be buried .... actually I felt a bit scared when the avalanche started crumbling into me.

Location: Cypress Provincial Park, BC

Cypress Provincial Park website

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