Central Europe
October 20 - 31, 2007  

Prague is known as the center of Europe ....

Well well well. Again, I managed to squeeze a trip to Europe in between my business travel. This time, I toured London as if I were a local. Then I ventured to Vienna, then Prague, then Budapest.

London by far is the most sophisticated city I've been. One can never really figure it if you are only there once. Counting back this was probably my 7th time to London, and I was still finding cool pubs, discovering new neighbourhoods. And finally I went to the Terra Cotta Exhibition at the British Museum, the highlight of this trip to London.

From London, I flew into Vienna, Austria and spent 2 full days in their miesrable rainy days. However, I enjoyed their historic culture and nevertheless I was there during their National Day, and all museums were free. I was lukcy to see the National Library and the National Treasury.

Then I took the train to Prague, Czech Republic, a town that everyone was so fond of. Yes, I had to say Prague had the best to offer me, beautiful historic city, the Old Townn Square, the pubs, the never winding alleys, the beers, the people, and the wonderful music. I loved it being there. I even went to a local soccer match, the Prague Sparta FC.

From Prague, I took an overnight train to Budapest, discovering the big Palace of the Buda hill, overlooking the Duanbe River. However I didnt feel as excited as I was in Prague. Probably because of the different culture, Monday is traditionally their rest day. I was there Monday. But there was always a highlight ... their hotspring bath. We visited one of their biggest baths in town. It ws so good.

20 Oct, 2007
Click to view British Museum, one of the biggest and oldest Museum in the world, was hosting the TerraCotta Army Exhibition while I was there.

Vienna, Austria
25 - 26 Oct, 2007
Click to view Besides the historical feel Vienna can offer their visitors, the classical music and their mix of architectures really amazed me.

Prague, Czech Republic
27 - 28 Oct, 2007
Click to view A place where it completely blew my expectation off, of what it can offer. I really loved their openness, their music, their food and of course their beer ....

29 - 30 Oct, 2007
Click to view We rented a local apartment instead of going to a hostel while we were in Budapest. Though the quality wasn't that great, but it did give us a realistic look at local peoeple daily lives.....

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