What to bring 101 ?
(Gear shared by a Group)

Shelter related

  • Tent(s) and Rainfly(ies)
  • Anchors / Tent Pegs / Snow Stakes
    (at least 6 per tent, 4 for corners and 2 for doors)
  • Ground Sheet(s)
    (get a commercial grade construction vapour barrier)
  • Tarp(s) with guy lines
    (at least 30 feet long total)
  • Extra 50 feet 2mm guy lines
Kitchen related

  • Waterproofed matches
  • Two lighters
  • One small candle
  • Stove(s)
    (clean and test the stoves before you pack them)
  • Fuel and Fuel bottle(s)
    White Gas - 100ml per person per day, add extra 30ml per person per day for winter
    Propane/Butane - full 225ml canister per stove per day
  • One 2-Litre Pot with lid (minimum)
  • One 2 to 4-Litre Pot with lid for every 4 people
  • One 1 to 1.5-litre kettle for making hot water (optional)
  • One 3" folding lock-blade knife as kitchen knife
  • One 1/2 or 1 cup size measuring spoon for serving
Water Treatment System

  • Water Filter / Purifier
  • One Wide-mouth Nalgene bottle
  • One 4-6 Litres water bag/container for storing the filtered water
  • One 4-6 Litres water bag/container for storing non-treated water (optional)
  • Iodine / Chlorine Dioxide Tablets
  • Iodine Solution
    (Put the entire Iodine Solution bottle an in 250ml nalgene, don't trust the Ziploc bags, they leak!)

  • Each meal that requires cooking should be put together into one bag, then double bag it, and mark it.
    i.e. put all cans, pasta, powder mixes, and other ingredients all in one bag.
  • Other food that does not require cooking should be bagged individually according to their types, relevance and weight.
  • Snacks should be packed in individual portion for each person on the trip.
Washing Station

  • A small bottle (100ml) of concentrated biodegradable detergent
  • A small bottle (100ml) of household bleach for sterilizing
  • A bottle (250ml) of anti-bacterial hand gel (soap)
  • One scrub for plastic cookware
  • One steel wool scrub for metal cookware
  • A 8"x8" old table cloth for general use

  • Maps & Trip Plan
    (make photocopies for other individuals)
  • Map bag
  • Compass
  • A small pencil
First Aid Kit

  • A blister kit that includes 2nd skin & moleskin (a must)
  • A minimum of 10 - 20 bandages of various length and shapes
  • A minimum of 6 - 10 field dressings
  • 10 yards of medical tape
  • 10 yards of Duct tape
  • A small bottle of either hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol
  • A small tube of anti-biotic ointment
  • Emergency blanket
  • Refer to my First Aid Kit page for further reference
Repair Kit (for extended trips)

  • A multi-tool with screw-driver
  • 15 yards of 2" duct tape rolled on a small pencil
  • An extra pair of shoelaces
  • 4 feet 14-guage wire
  • Four big Safety pins
  • A small tube of sealant
    (can be used a glue as well)
  • Two needles and small roll of threads

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