September 15 - 24, 2007  

Yes, I was in Sahara Desert, Morocco

Morocco is a land so intrinsically beautiful and rich with heritage that the moment you step foot on it you feel completely transported to another time. We started our trip in Fez, one of the imperial cities in Morocco. Fez is made of almost 2000 years history, where nomads of different tribes meet and trade.

From Fez, we rented a car to drive south to Merzouga, a gateway town to the Sahara Desert. We then spent 2 nights at the Desert. It was a mysterious experience. The camel tour took us into the deep desert. We hit a rain storm when we launched into the desert. What a experience!

We left Merzouga, and drove west towards Marrakesh, which we had run into another rain storm. This time the rain was heavy, we passed through flooded small town and villages, and fast floods caused us delays on driving on the highways.

We arrived at Marrakesh, finding ourselves inside a completely different Moroccan culture. We spent 3 days there.

15 - 17 Sep, 2007
Click to view We stayed inside the Fez Madina. The madina was classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO. A lot of restoration work has been done to preserve the historic madina.....

Travelling South
17 - 18 Sep, 2007
Click to view We drove through the highland desert, where practically there was nothing enroute. Maybe it was because of Ramadan, it was quiet ...

Sahara Desert
19 - 21 Sep, 2007
Click to view Sahara, Sahara, .... we set foot on the hot sand, warm wind. The camel tour took us into the desert for an overnight stay.....

Travelling West
21 Sep 2007
Click to view The most interesting part of the driving, we had heavy rain storm, fast floods, ...and the most dangerous part - driving at night.

21 - 24 Sep, 2007
Click to view Money, money, money, ... motivate a lot of merchants in Marrakesh to work on toruists. We were constantly harassed by locals ....

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