United Kingdom
September, 2007  

Tower Bridge, London, England

This was the first time I actually travelled within England besides London. From what I have seen, there was history everywhere in England, from Stonehengein ancient years to mid-1500s in Cambridge. Every corner represented a unique part of the cutlure.

I have to say the most impressive part of this trip was visiting Stonehenge. The upclose experience in side the circle of stones gave me an inspiration that everything is possible. When I stood beside a 50-ton rock, you wonder how they did it 5000 years ago. How much determination it took to make that happen ?

And suddenly I was back in London, visiting friends, shopping and enjoying modern entertainment. The mix of modern technology with the historic architecture of the city really impressed me.

7 Sep, 2007
Click to view The mysterious stones that you always see on posters and screensaver, and now I am there ....

7 Sep, 2007
Click to view Gateway town to Stonehenge, but it also hosts one of the oldest church in europe.

8 Sep, 2007
Click to view There are 33 colleges in Cambridge. Do you know ? There is so much history in this town that will blow your mind away.

Sep 2007
Click to view One of the busiest metropolitan in the world that you wont understand unless you put yourself in the city ....

27 Sep, 2007
Click to view The pebble beach town, known for its gay parade party in the summer. A perfact half-day getaway candidate from the busy Central London.

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