Returning from South America to Vancouver, BC
November 20, 2005  

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Foz do Iguazu, Brazil
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Leaving, leaving and leaving. It wasn't the crying kinda of leaving South America, because I knew I will be back soon. We are flying out from Buenos Aries, then to Sao Paulo, and then to Toronto and back to Vancouver. Total flight time is about 23 hours.

Looking out the window, I felt that if I could have learned more Spanish, it would have been much more fun and interesting. But overall, I was very happy that I join Gord, Trina, Gevan and Dan for this trip. The thunderstorm at the Buenos Aries Airport when we were leaving gave me a feeling that maybe the weather will delay us from taking off, begging us to stay at BA longer.

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Thunderstorm clouds the BA airport.

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Taking off in the Thunderstorm.
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Arriving at Sao Paulo airport was another interesting moment. They made us literally walk around the entire airport in a loop before they let us into the waiting area for connection. And they only open one lane for X-ray everyone. Why? X-ray everybody again, wasn't it that everyone just got off the plane? And there were a lot of passengers, over 300 people, waiting in line for the redundant X-ray scan again. It was ridiculous but also hilarious.

Anyways, Sao Paulo airport, I think, was one of the worst designed and managed airport. All they planned well was the duty-free shopping, even the immigration booths were poorly managed. I hope they will rebuild another international airport soon.

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Arhhh, saw my flight AC 007 to Vancouver?
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Flyover an overcast ...

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Over the rockies ....

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Mount Baker and Mount Rainier ....

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Look familar ? It's North Shore already !

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