South America
November 3 - 20, 2005

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I joined Gordon, Trina, Gevan and Daniel (aka the Union Member) to go to South America. Four of them first went to Rio de Janiero, Brazil. And I met up with them at Montevideo, Uruguay. I spent 1 day at Sao Paulo, Brazil, 3 days in Uruguay, then day at Buenos Ariess, travelled to Iguazu Falls for 3 days, and back to Buenos Aries for 4 days. I spent my last 3 days in South America in Salta, Argentina.

Memorable moments include seeing policemen fully armed with bulletproof vest patrolling Sao Paulo city, immaculate coastal countryside of Uruguay, 14 lanes of traffic at downtown Buenos Aries, the almighty Iguazu Falls, our unofficial entry to Paraguay, and the beautiful Valle Encantado (Enchanted Valley) in Salta, Argentina.

Map - Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay

Sao Paulo, Brazil
4 Nov, 2005
Click to view My 10 hours layover at Sao Paulo .... A very intrigue city of unknowns, anything can happen.

Montevideo, Colonial del Sacramento & Punta del Este, Uruguay
5 - 8 Nov, 2005
Only with population of 3 million, they have won the World Cup Soccer 3 times. Our travel plan was to rent a car and drive to Colonial del Sacramento for 1 day, and then to Punta del Este for 2 days. Click to view

Iguazu Falls, Argentina / Brazil and Paraguay
9 - 12 Nov, 2005
Click to view Weather was not cooperating with us the first day, but in the following 2 days, we had the unlimited sunshine. And we also had our eco-adventure here.

Buenos Aries, Argentina
8 and 12 - 16 Nov, 2005
Click to view 12 million people live in this city. I love the way they drive, the way they have their coffee. I love the way they dress, the way they enjoy their nightlife.

Salta, Argentina
16 - 19 Nov, 2005
Salta is located in the Northwest of Argentina, access to the Andes. I drove in the countryside for 3 days, picked up a few hitchhikers, passed through the steep hilly valleys. Click to view

Returning to Vancouver, Canada
20 Nov, 2005
Here comes my long hours of flight returning to Vancouver, Canada Click to view

Slide Show - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Slide Show - Montevideo, Colonial and Punta, Uruguay
Slide Show - Iguazu Falls
Slide Show - Buenos Aries, Argentina
Slide Show - Salta, Argentina
Slide Show - Returning to Vancouver, Canada

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