Eagle Bluff
May 24, 2004  

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Are we lost?
It's Victoria Long weekend. Couldn't wait longer to get good weather like today. It's mixed sun and cloud, which was perfect for us. We drove on Hwy 1 and almost missed our exit to the parking area.

The first part of this trail is quite enjoyable. It's in the trees, not too hot, not too cold. And off we went, here it's the steep part.

And we reached a big steep boulder field that we couldn't even see any more orange markers. It took us a while to figure out which way to go. Honestly, it's quite dangerous to scramble between these boulders.

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More boulders
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Just keep going up.

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Horseshoe Bay
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UBC endowment lands

We sat down at the top to ahve a lunch break. Awesome views of horseshoe bay, and UBC in the far. We continued to move, split into 3 groups. One group would go down the same way we went up to fetch our cars, and the others would go through Black Mountain into Cypress Skiing.

Marilyn, Leah and I went first, and steadily we arrived at the Cypress skiing area, awaiting the next group to come out. Out of our expectation, the group who fetched the car arrived first. Something was not right, where was the other group then?

The group left behind decided to take a longer break, and without knowing what they have to get through before they reached Cypress. They need to navigate through a patch of forest still covered by snow. We waited and waited for almost 2 1/2 hours, and we decided to call the Search & Rescue. They must have lost in the snow.

Luckily they came out safely. It took them 3 hours to navigate through. They were cold, tired and hungry. Thanks God, it's over.

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