Pitt Meadows
October 31, 2001  

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Yvonne went first
We got to Pitt Meadows Airport very early in the morning to attend our First Jump Class, run by Pacific Skydivers. Just in case you want to do it too, here is their website

The whole morning, we were watching video and listening to the instructors about procedures. A lot of procedures !!! We practiced jumping off on the model plane on the ground. It was quite fun.

We took a lunch break, and here we went up. Everyone of us turned a bit serious now, .... too late to chicken out. We dressed up the jump suit, and watched other groups of students to jump first. They did it, so could we.

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Carmen's turn
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My turn ...
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One by one, we climbed out the plane, and the instructor pulled the pin, and told us to let go. From there, we fell into the air, and the chute opened. We glided through 800 feet, and an instructor on the ground walkie-talkied us and gave us instructions. Everyone landed safely.

Here is our jump ...
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